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Find what feels good

On my birthday back in July I did some birthday yoga by the lake with the company of @adrienelouise. Tomorrow I’ll be doing yoga with her live in Stockholm! I’m so looking forward to this! 🙏😍🧘‍♀️
#FWFG #yogawithadriene #findwhatfeelsgood

Shit doesn’t fly

This shit don’t fly with me. Made a paper airplane. But it didn’t fly. Because garbage doesn’t fly.

Please vote this week because democracy isn’t something we can take for granted. And please vote with love in your heart, not hate. ❤️

Note that this image was staged! Of course I threw the banana peel in the food recycling bin afterwards! 🍌♻️

#garbage #klivintepå #fucksd

Gå och rösta! Demokrati är inget vi bör ta för givet. Rösta med kärlek i ditt hjärta inte hat. ❤️❤️❤️

Another night

Another night. Another drink. 🍸

Plot twist

Was just on my way to bed. But life had a different plan. Now I’m drinking sparkling wine and listening to Nirvana on vinyl. 🥂✨ Plot twist. 💛

Safety net

“Someone removed the safety net and you unhesitatingly kept on walking. Bravo!”

Decisions are being made. Only the feature knows the outcome. But this poster helped me on my way.

Blood moon

I hope the blood moon tonight won’t be as scary as the one in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It will definitely last much longer and there’s no skip button. 🙈🤯😨🌕 I will watch it from my favourite spot down by the lake. With my friends, Paazu @paazu_the_shiba_inu and the three bats that hunt there. 🐕🦇🦇🦇🌅🌠🌌

Cool down

You know it’s hot when the thermometer goes full circle back to minus, just to cool down. ☀️🤒🌡⛱😅

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