Starting with these today. 👆Giant orange pills! 🤡🍊💊 I’ve been experimenting with Q10 by myself for the last 100 days. These capsules contains more than four times than my usual dosage. 🙈💥 I usually buy them as a supplements but that’s really expensive in the long run. Now I got these with a prescription from my doctor. But 1150kr(130$/110€) is still really expensive. Especially when you don’t have an income. 😓 I can tell you that I wasn’t happy at all when I was paying for them at the pharmacy. 😢💸 But if this works I’m one happy, and energized, pig. 🐷✌️😃 I really hope they doesn’t lower my blood pressure though. Because its already low as it is.

Let’s try this! And hope for the best. 🤞👊💪🤩💃⚡️🔋 #mecfs#Ubidecarenone #Ubidekarenon