Stride slightly lighter

Where ever you are I hope you are feeling fine. I hope you’re listening to your self and your needs. That you are dancing, jumping, playing, laughing, singing, running, crying, resting – finding your own way.

Maybe you are doing something that puts a smile on your face. Looking up into the sky and finding that funny-shaped cloud. Finding a beautiful flower. Listening to a bird that singing its song. Connect with nature just for a brief moment. Take a deep breath and let it relax you.

Let it all make you day brighter and your stride slightly lighter. 

If you’re sick or struggling – remember nothing is permanent. Everything changes. Tomorrow can be better, worse, or not at all. Find those little things to enjoy today. Event if it’s just some small piece of art on your bedside table. The the colour of the wall in front of you. The structure of the ceiling above your head. Maybe it’s the dust dancing in the small flicker of light from a otherwise covered window. A shadow on the floor. Or the amazing patterns you might se when you close your eyes. 

Where ever you find yourself, there you are. Try your best to find that thing that makes you day a little bit brighter. Find your ease if just for a brief moment of time. That ease that makes your heart a bit lighter. Then you can return to what you were doing, think, and feeling. Continue scrolling through your life.